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Back to Dance Intensive  2019/2020

Our back to dance Intensive will take place at WDC in Rocky Mountain House August 26-29.

Why should you join?

This intensive is for all competitive or driven recreational dancers wishing to get a head start to the new dance season, try out new dance styles and learn from incredible dance instructors from around the globe.
(Dancers do not need to be from WDC or our RMH location)

What are we offering and why?

  • We have an incredible line-up of Guest Dance Educators (not your teachers) specifically chosen just for you to better your dance education.

  • Choreography classes with styles and disciplines never danced before!

  • Technique classes taught by Professional and most importantly certified dance Educators from around the globe.

  • Try out classes of all disciplines before deciding on next seasons classes or if Competitive classes are right for you. 

Although our WDC full time instructors are trained in giving you the best dance education we can, we know training from instructors other than ourselves is also a GREAT way to learn. 

What you need to know before registering:

The intensive will take place from August 26-29 at WDC in Rocky Mountain House.
Classes will run from 9:00am-3:30pm daily. 
The price for our Intensive is $200.00 + GST. Payment can be made online through your parent portal or via e-transfer at
 There will be a 30 minute break for lunch and two 15 minute breaks for snacks and rest.Dancers are to provide all of their own food and beverages for the Intensive. 

There will be two different intensive levels according to ability, technique, strength and attitude, which we will place you accordingly on the first day. Intensive levels will be chosen by our faculty only and our decisions are final.
Dance Intensive A: Normally for dancers ages 6-10 OR in Level 1, 2, 3 in our regular season *unless faculty moves you during the intensive* 
Dance Intensive B: Normally for dancers Level 4/5 dancers only *unless faculty moves you during the intensive* 

Please note some students are stronger in certain disciplines than others and may be asked to be in Intensive A and Intensive B. Both intensives run from 9:00am-3:30pm daily. 

Schedule of events will be posted daily at WDC during the Intensive and are subject to change according to your instructors discretion. 

Disciplines offered: Breaking, Jazz, Acro, Hip hop, Street Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tutting, Tap, House, Musical Theatre, Commercial and Music video, Highland, Jumps and Turns, and much much more.

Introducing our Guest Instructors
- Watch for their bio's on our Social Media pages -

Randall Mella

Codi Wilson

Jesse Drwiega

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