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Our Recreational Program has been developed for dancer's ages 2-10 who are looking to dance just for the fun of it while meeting new friends and learning new skills! Recreational classes will run from September-May and participate in our Christmas Recital, Photo days, and our year end Recital. 

2021/2022 Fall Full Season

Recreational Program

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We have added an amazing new program! These classes are for students age 5.5-7.5 years old and in their first 2 years of competitive dance. . Dancers will be introduced to Dance Festivals within Central Alberta only, meaning dancers will perform on stage and receive their very own award of completion. he difference between a Festival and a Competition is dancers perform onstage for their very own award of completion for being brave and working hard, rather than being judged against other groups like what you would see at a competition. 

This is an incredible way to introduce young dancers and first time competitive dance parents to the world of competitive dance without the intimidation factor of competing against others. Festivals will be local to Central Alberta only (Red Deer, Olds etc.) Festival program classes do not need any prerequisites. You can register in any discipline you would like.

2021/2022 Fall Full Season

Festival Program

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Our award winning competitive program is for dancers ages 8 and up looking to get more time on the stage! WDC's instructors and choregraphers combine precise technique and artistic qualities to create a visually appealing piece. Our competitive students compete at 3 competitions a year as well as take part in our CHristmas recital, Photo days, and Year End Recital. Competitive students are also able to apply for extra work.

Prerequisites for our competitive program are as follows:

  • Lyrical - Must be registered in Ballet OR Jazz

  • Acro-dance - Must be registered in Ballet OR Jazz OR Hip Hop

  • Variety/Musical Theatre - No prerequisites 

2021/2022 Fall Full Season

Competitive Program

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More info coming soon...

September-December Session

12-Week Sessions